Spotlight: High and Mighty Band

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By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a Friday night, and it was a special night. I was going to see one of my favorite bands, High and Mighty Band. I was at the Hot Spot of the dance and music events of Saint Paul, Minnesota, Wilebski’s Blues Saloon.

As always, I was not disappointed. The fans love them, and it was a packed house with a powerhouse performance!

Dancing all night long High and Mighty Band, does some of the best music in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area. A long runny band of great and long-standing professionals. You can only have excellent music with a band that practices and are real professions who love what they do. The High and Mighty band is just that.

A great band can and does have their fans dancing to the very last song and that they did and their fans were asking for more! A great band engages their fans and audience, and the High and Mighty Band did just that as everyone sang along. I liked it when some of the saxophone musicians came out into the crowd. Wowed by the magic of the music right beside them. Always a great ideal to engage everyone there. A winning hit!

Perfection with solos and all blended singers. I know some don’t like me using the word blended. But, if singers can not mix well, then it doesn’t work well.

Each musician was well balanced and right on time. I was not disappointed, and I never am watching High and Mighty Band! Again another Five Star performance!

You can find out more about the High & Mighty Band on these links.


Facebook page


Wilebskis Blues Saloon Facebook page


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