Jonah and The Whales @ Wilebskis Blues Saloon

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Jonah and The Whales @ Wilebskis Blues Saloon

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a Friday night at Wilebskis Blues Saloon in Saint Paul, Minnesota and I was invited by Jonas Mayer, drummer, to watch his band Jonah and Whales. I am always delighted to watch Johan and The Whales. I would say they are in the top 5 bands in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area.  I find them to be an exceptional band that is a top-notch musical, theatrical entertainment in the Rock and Roll band world.

At Wilebskis Blues Saloon you will always hear the Hottest sound in the metro area. Wilebskis Blues Saloon’s book only the best bands in the world. Yes, they book bands, singers from all over the world. A great dance floor, excellent food and always fun! Jonah and The Whales fit in with the best entertainment.

You might ask yourself, wait, what? I thought they were a rock and roll band with a mix of a little Modern Country Rock, the 50s to current music, and smooth R and R. You would be right. They are very music a variety band of music! They go the extra mile by theatrical events on the stage by their main singer, “Z” as the group loving call her. She changes her outfits about 5 or 6 times during the whole time they sing. Z is the live-action on stage. I can both hear and feel the emotions as she sings. She defiantly commands the scene when she sings.


The energy is very high, and music is exceptionally felt with the movement of each beat kept on time with drummer Jonas. You then have Chas, the keyboard player who also has a commanding voice when he sings and plays the keys. His hands glide over the keys with dramatic motions. Beautiful rhythm and tempo.

Scot plays the lead guitar. He has the command of the guitar, and his fingers glide over the strings to sing a beautiful song of an angelic voice. Scot also changes headgear for the songs Scot sings. I can feel the tones and emotions in his voice as he sings. The last person I will mention is bass guitarist Jeremy. I can hear the bass guitar player and help the beat and temple of the music. Jeremy also does some of the lead songs while Z does her outfit changes. I hear the ladies on the dance floor say they are in love with his voice! The four singers blend well together, and music is perfection to my ears when they harmonize. Whether it is two, three or all four.

You know you have a great band when dancers come out for the first song and stay dancing the whole night. I have never been disappointed going to see them at any of the many places they play in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area.

I’ve seen many bands over the years, Jonah and The Whales are one of the best! I give Jonah and the Whales 5 stars! If you have not seen them you are missing out on great music and great entertainment. You can find out more about Jonah and The Whales on their webpage listed below.

Jonah and The Whales webpage


Facebook page


Wilebskis Blues Saloon




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