Mr. Winky Band @ The New Smokin Flame Saloon

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Mr. Winky Band @  Smokin Flame Saloon

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a chilly winter evening on a Friday night. I was with the many groups that I lead in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul, Minnesota area. I decide to go to a new place that one of my friends had recommended that just open up the new Smoken Flame Saloon in Robbinsdale, Minnesota.

The Smoken Flame Saloon in Robbinsdale, Minnesota, has a large dance floor and a large stage for bands. An excellent place for families, large groups, friends to hang out and eat. I love the large bar area too.

I knew one of my friend’s band was going to play there for the weekend. It had been a few months since I heard them, and these guys are one of my favorite bands.

I was able to meet everyone in the band, giving each one a big hug. Great group of friendly men with remarkable talent. Individually and blended as the band. The first thing I noticed was the large group of people who came out to hear the Mr. Winky Band. Both dancers and music lovers. The place was hopping with music. Rock and Roll, Country, Motown, Older Rock and Roll, and they did request!

The main singer is Bob Arndt, also known as “The Singing Realtor.” Bob, as a super voice both as lead and, blended. Bob is one of the best five-state area singers for versatility. I must say here this band has one of the best-blended singers I have heard. Great job, guys. Bob also uses percussion instruments as well. A powerful voice and very versatile with the different types of music that the band plays. Bob, as his friends call him, was right on beat and notes in every song he sang.

The drummer was Kent Pierce, Kent, as the crowd and band call him worked the magic of the music with his drum and singing. Both blended singing and his solo song and part. Always on the beat with the drum and singing. Every band needs a steady drummer, Kent is it!

Dave Jensen, Dave as the band members and band followers, call him plays the lead guitar and sings blended and solo parts. Dave won the hearts of a few ladies out in the crowd that night with the love song he sang. Dave makes music on his guitar and works it to sing beautiful music. An outstanding lead guitarist! Right on lead, tone, and beat.

Next, we have the bass guitarist, Curt Olson. Curt, as everyone calls him, is the groove maker of the band. Smooth bass with the heart and soul of each song he played on his bass. You can feel the movement of the music with the bass tones, beat, and love with each plug and strum of the bass guitar. Curt also sings as the backup and blends very well with the others in the band.

Last is the keyboard player and singer. Music is well blended, and perfection of the keyboard player compliments the band to perfection. Yes, this keyboard player is that good! His name is Mike Halgrimson. Mike, as the band and fans call him sings well and blends well with the band.

I see the band Mr. Winky moving up in the music world and traveling all over the USA than to Europe. A very talented group that would make the music scene a better place just by being in their presence and listening to the great music they create. I’ll be seeing them more often and bringing friends to listen and dance to this great band.

The band as a whole most talented gift is how well they blend in singing. I give the Mr. Winky Band five stars. Lead singer five stars. Keyboard player tone and beat five stars. Lead guitar five-star perfection of a lead guitar. Five stars to bass for the beat, sound, and groove lead of the band. Drummer five stars for rhythm and motion in the music played.

You can find out more about this band on the links below. Also, about the Smokin Flame Saloon for dancing, fun, and food.



Mr. Winky Band homepage

Facebook page



Homepage for The Smokin Flame Saloon

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