Shaws Open Jam


Shaws Open Jam

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a cold winter Monday night when a friend and I went to the Shaws Grill in Minneapolis, Minnesota, for an Open Jam Session. I had been asked by friends to come and listen to a great musical jam session. I decided to go after a friend said they wanted to go to. Neither of us had been to Shaw Grill before. This Jam is also known as, The ‘Sarah Papenheim‘ Cocktail Jam’ At Shaw’s.

There was a small parking lot in the back, and we went to the back entrance. The first thing we heard was laughter. That seems to be the theme throughout the whole night was laugher. For a local small bar and grill the Minneapolis neighborhood as a gem! Also very well known for their great music and food.

We sat down, and we both watch as everyone seems to know each other, and if they did not, they were friendly and talked to anyone and everyone. Like I said, everyone was happy, and the place was hopping with singers and musicians not long after I arrived.

Shaws Grill reminded me of the show where everyone knows your name, and if they don’t, they will be the night’s end. I met some of my musicians and singing friends, chatted for a while, and of course, took some pictures!

I loved the stage, not too big but big enough to fit the musicians and singers that night. Now I had heard about Shaws as everyone calls it for years. I’m glad I went. Shaws Open Jam had some of the best of the area music, and it was good to hear great music. Everyone was respectful and pleasant. I definitely would come back again, to visit with friends and be someplace where there are so much happiness and laughter.

The locals in this neighborhood are blessed, what an excellent addition to the community, great staff, great music, and friendly bartender!

To find out more about Shaw Grill and the Open Jam, click on the link below.




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One thought on “Shaws Open Jam

  1. My good friend fronting the band. He’s great drummer but he plays guitar, and bass, as well and has always been able to hold his own with some of the best vocalist, i’m talking about the Captain “Al Kirk” he’s always at his best on stage .

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