Brother Jon and Frensz 4

Music Review, Always Going to Be Here JBF By Mitzi Beliveau As the music starts with your harmonica solo, it brings you into dreamland. Then blends in the music and singing of a southern blues tune. A great hit to hit the road with. I’m not surprised if this is another one of the duo … Continue reading Brother Jon and Frensz 4

Brother Jon and Frensz 5

Music Review, 4th of July 12 String By Mitzi Beliveau A very upbeat song about a loved loss. Not a slow song as you might imagine but upbeat music that keeps your feet tapping and your head bobbing! A great duo of singers and musicians that blend well together. 4th of July 12 String is … Continue reading Brother Jon and Frensz 5

Lock up Your Sons, By Debra Lyn Neufeld

CD Review By Mitzi Beliveau CD, Lock up Your Sons by Debra Lyn Neufeld, Manitoba's queen of the blues. A powerful and soulful sexy voice! Singing the blues, jazzy, soul, R&R, a bit of country, and the famous Winnipeg sound. A CD is full of exceptional music that will keep your body moving to the … Continue reading Lock up Your Sons, By Debra Lyn Neufeld

The Jambone Band

By Mitzi Beliveau It was a friend of mine who had invited me to watch her sing in the band Jambone. I had heard them years ago. They have had a few changes since then. A new female singer was one, my friend Ginny Davis. Ginny said she fit right in with the “guys.” Truly … Continue reading The Jambone Band

Music Video Review of The Song: Broken Bones, by Swallows

By Mitzi Beliveau I was on Facebook checking out the music scene in my area. Suddenly, a video pops up, and music starts to play. It did pique my interest and caught me right away. The video was well put together, along with the music. Exceptional talent with all musicians, singers, sound crew, and video. … Continue reading Music Video Review of The Song: Broken Bones, by Swallows

Bobby’s Blues, By Brother Jon Band CD Review

By Mitzi Beliveau Bobby’s Blues, By Brother Jon Band, by one of my friends Jon Rabideaux and friend. I met Jon, as his friends called him, at the Blues Saloon in Saint Paul several years ago. The CD was produced in 2015. I listened to the CD song Bobby's Blues by Brother Jon Band. The link … Continue reading Bobby’s Blues, By Brother Jon Band CD Review

The Express Band

By Mitzi Beliveau It was an evening with friends that I went to see some of my friends in the Express Band band. I have heard them many times, but now they have a new female singer. So I had to check them out! Nelsen’s Sports Bar & Grill was packed with followers of the … Continue reading The Express Band

Paul Stewart

Of The Paul Stewart Show By Mitzi Beliveau This all started with a friend uploading a few songs that Paul Stewart sang. The songs were on Facebook. I was amazed by the smooth and magical voice of Paul Stewart. As I sat and listen to him sing with one of his band’s mates, I saw … Continue reading Paul Stewart

The ZackaryZ

The ZackaryZ By Mitzi Beliveau James Zackary lead and rhythm guitar. Alex Zachary bass guitar. Swanee, lead and rhythm guitar, keyboard, and sax. Singers, James, Alex, and Swanee. Drums Michael Velesajuez, also known as Taco! Fantastic music with two generations of musicians and singers in the band was amazing and refreshing. I had been invited … Continue reading The ZackaryZ

Jacquie Maddix – Lady J Maddix

Jacquie Maddix - Lady J Maddix By Mitzi Beliveau I met Jacquie as many of her friends call her at a Jam Session at Wilebskis Blues Saloon in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Jacquie fans call her, Lady J has a bigger than life personality and amazing laughter when you first meet her. I felt completely comfortable … Continue reading Jacquie Maddix – Lady J Maddix