Top Read on the Music Experience Blog Site 2022

By Mitzi Beliveau

Top Ten Bands Read on My Blog Site for 2022

The top band was, The Midas Touch,

The second band was Mr. Winkey Band

The third-place band, The Paul Steward Show

Fourth, The New Feral Cats

Fifth, The Goombas

Sixth, The Fabulous Del Counts

Seventh place, Helium for Liftoff

Eighth, The Jambone Band

Ninth, The Smokin Whiskey Band

Last to finish off the ten top read bands on my blog site is a tie between

Twang Time

Sugar Buzz!

Top Female Singer

Ginny Davis, from Jambone (number 8)

Top Male Singer

 Robert Elwood

Top Jam Session

Shaw’s Jam Session

My Favorite Picks for 2022

My Top Video People for Fans Numbers

Number one, Carlo James La Manna

Number two, Jim Meier, in Many Bands as a drummer

Number three, Ginny Davis singer in Jambone (number 8)

Top Media Writers

Male, John ‘blueshammer’ Hammer

Female, Carolyn Walkup in many media, blues magazines, newspapers and etc.



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