Jonah and the Whales with New Band Members

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a Friday night and I arranged with a few of my friends to meet up and see one of our favorite bands. It was Jonah and the Whales. A rock and roll band with a little bit of costume change with the lead female singer’s new member, Ali Abraham. Ali is one of the new members of the Jonah and the Whales band.

I overheard people say that Ali was extraordinarily talented and fit very well with the band. I agree. As Ali’s father was videotaping and taking pictures of his daughter. I saw the admiration for the father-daughter relationship. The evidence shows that Ali was taught to follow her dream and Ali’s family supported her. I have to say here that her father drove over fours to see her and videotape her. No wonder Ali is a very talented young woman in the music business. Ali’s performance on the stage was a breath of fresh air. An outstanding singer, with pose and the note, beat, and pitch. Every note is perfection. Ali’s voice brings her new fans into a love fantasy of remembrance of where and who they were with when they last heard the songs Ali sang.

The following new member was a seasoned musician and singer, Paul Cassady. Paul plays the bass guitar, the soul of the band. I have seen him around, but it had been a long time ago. That does not mean he was not busy singing and playing lead. A well-seasoned voice with exceptional voice control and timing mesmerizing the crowd. I also had a small chat before the music started with a very humble man that is open and friendly. A lovely voice and performance on the stage. Paul helps his bandmates to make sure everything is well on stage. Paul’s long-time experience shows on stage. I’m glad Jonas hired him.

The band leader is Jonas Mayer, a long-time friend, and supporter of my various media and groups. Also, one of my friends had my back when I was sick with COVID and had a long recovery. Jonas is the drummer, leading this band through many members changes over the decades. A few years ago, he had a reunion that I could not attend of the many members the band Jonah and the Whales have had.

Jonas is one of the best drummers I have heard. Always kept the band on the beat and was always there for his band, almost like a father figure for them. Jonas is another humble man; I see him supporting other bands in the area. I guess when you have been in the music business as long as Jonas has, you meet a lot of other musicians and singers. Jonas has an excellent ear for great music and is unafraid to try new things. Jonas constantly updates his band on new music to perform to his large fan base.

Next is Scot Prudhomme. Scot plays the lead guitar and rhythm. I have known Scot for almost 10 years playing in the band. I love his sense of humor on the stage, not forgetting to have fun and give energy to the band. Pulling the members of the band on stage to connect. Scot also wowed the crowd with his excellent skills with his guitar working it with magic and making it look like it was easy.  Scot also sings, and I hear the voice on and off stage, yes, I was on stage for my birthday once, and Scot was right beside me, making sure I had a great time. Scot always greets me when he sees me. Scot does that to every fan and the new person he meets. Welcoming and warm, if people were compared to dogs, Scot would be a golden retriever, full of love, life, and warmth.

The last band member in the band is Chas Carlson. Chas plays the keys and sings.  Another member of the band I have known for a long time. Sometimes known as the serious one. I knew of many changes in Chas’s life, and we would occasionally chat about life. Chas is also one of my friends who supported me when I was sick and recovering from COVID. It was good to see Chas again; it has been nearly three years. Wow, I saw a significant change in this warm and gentle soul. Chas was full of life and posed as I took pictures. This was different for me; Chas was always shy with pictures. I think after seeing everyone that he missed, it brought everyone to life. Life has truly changed after COVID for everyone.

He is a very talented keyboard player who knows his music and is a great mentor to others. Singing to the crowd and putting them in a dream state of love. I don’t think Chas knows how talented he is. Chas has fans among his peers as well. I only hear good things about Chas from other musicians and singers.

You can find out more about this band on their webpage. Just a note, our group has hired Jonah and the Wales a few times for our special events. I do highly recommend this professional band with their professional sound crew. They are worth every bit of money you pay for them.


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