Spotlight: The Jorgensens


Spotlight: The Jorgensens

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a hot Sunday afternoon when I went to PD Pappy’s in Stillwater, Minnesota to see the Jorgensens Band. It was not the first time I have seen them. This time a brought a group of friends with me.

I knew my friends would love this band and be excited about the music they would hear. My friends were not disappointed. All wanted to come back to see them again and again. The Jorgensens band has been playing at PD Pappy’s for a few years now. Generally on Sunday afternoon during the summer months. The Jorgensens band also plays elsewhere.

One of the best bands in the five-state area with a few CDs under their belt. This afternoon they played some of their original music along with some old favorites of the Rock and Roll crowd. The Jorgensens band plays, Rock and Roll, Jazz, Blues, and Rockabilly.

A well-blended and many gifted musicians played right on the beat and wowed the crowd. Many talented singers and well blended and season singers. I believe The Jorgensens band would do well anywhere worldwide. I would expect them to travel worldwide soon. This may be some of the last few times we see them locally now that they are in this web blog. The Jorgensens band will be known worldwide as the exceptional band they are.

I give five stars for music computations, five stars for solo and blended singers. Five stars for band presentations. Five stars for blended and on time music. Great job The Jorgensens band!

You can find out more about The Jorgensens band by clicking on the links below. Don’t forget to buy some of their CDs. Book The Jorgensens band for your event.


Homepage The Jorgensens

Facebook page The Jorgensens



PD Pappy’s



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