Spotlight: Roceathia/Pearl

apple jam

Spotlight: Roceathia/Pearl

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a Monday night at the Apple Valley Jam Session at the Apple Valley Legion that I first heard Ms. Roceathia. A bold and sassy seasoned voice. I could tell she had been singing a while. Everyone at the Legion was in awe of her voice and presentation of her music.

Her friends call her Pearl, which she is a treasure to be enjoyed with the voice of delight. Pearl commanded the musicians and took charge of the front area where the musician played.

A well-diversified talented woman with music, stage, and all-star presence. I can see why many bands want her to sing with them.

I see Roceathia/Pearl as one of the top performers in the five-state area in Rock and Roll, Jazz, Blues, and just about anything she sets her mind on singing. I can see Roceathia/Pearl traveling all over the world with her incredible voice.

You can find out more about Roceathia/Pearl by clicking on the link below. A five-star singer, right on the beat and well blended with other singers. Check her out, and you will find her all over the Twin Cities area. Book her for your special event! Watch your Youtube and buy her song on the links below.




Youtube hit song

Link to buy music




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