The Midas Touch


The Midas Touch

By Mitzi Beliveau

It is always a pleasure to see the Midas Touch band at Mancinis Char House in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Mancini’s Char House is always rocking when the Midas Touch plays and I go there often just to watch the Midas Touch.

Al Tosel is the bass player and he also sings. Al, as his friends call him always, keeps the band in the groove playing the bass and on time.

Bob Scoggin plays guitar and also sings. Lead guitar and singing is a good combination in the Midas Touch band.

Tony Guscetti is the drummer and has been with the band since March. One of the new guys in the band and a great addition keep the who band on time and rhythm.

James Walsh plays keyboards and sings and has been with the band since February. He is a Minnesota music legend and one of the founders of Gypsy. A great singer and wowed the crowd with his music from the keyboard and the songs he sang.

Dennis Donovan plays keys and sings and is the leader of The Midas Touch. The Midas Touch started in 1973. Prior to that, Dennis lead a rock n roll band called The Drakes which began in 1965. Dennis plays the accordion well and I have known him for years. A great leader in the band.

With this all-star member band, it produces an all-star show. I give five stars for blended songs, music, and singing. A great hit in dancing I give five stars for always being on the beat.

The band has a new CD and it is great. I recommend it. You can find out more about the band by clicking on the links below. I have been watching The Midas Touch for years. I recommend you watch them at Mancinis Char House in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and hosting them for any event you have.


Facebook page


Mancini’s Char House







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