Spotlight: ECHO


Spotlight: ECHO

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a Thursday evening with friends we went dancing at the Richfield Legion in Richfield, Minnesota. It was a warm evening but it was even hotter inside with the music from ECHO.

The main singer was outstanding, Mayo Lapakko. A well-seasoned singer with a strong voice always on the beat and well blended with the others singing in the band.

Bill Goldman plays the keyboard, the electric cello, and guitar. Always on the beat and rhythm with the cello that night. I love the unique sound the cello made that night.

Frank Pagenkopf was the keyboard player and was lively and on the beat. Both Bill and Frank played the keyboard that night. Great music and well blended.

Willy Blanco was the drummer and keep the band right on the beat and did a solo. Great music comes from being on the beat and the drummer kept everyone right on time.

Billy Ray Reynolds played guitar with life and keep everything upbeat. Great lead guitarist.

Darrell Thompson was a bass guitar player and keep the band in the groove with is plucking of the notes.

Everyone was well blended I give them five stars for music blending. Only great blends blend well when playing music. This band is the real deal, well-blended singers and solos singers. Five stars for entertaining. The band kept everyone moving and grooving. A talented band gets the people moving to music and singing along. This band does that.

I’ll be back to see them again. To find out more about this band click on the links below.



Facebook homepage



Richfield legion

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