Spotlight: Liz Pollard-Seagren


Spotlight: Liz Pollard-Seagren

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was at a Monday Night Jam Session in Apple Valley Minnesota at the Apple Valley Legion that I first heard Liz, as all her friends call her, sing. A multi-talented singer who in my opinion, will soon be singing on her own. Liz, as she is called by all the local bands, is a great singer. I can see in the future she should be singing all over the USA with that big beautiful voice of hers.

Liz has many different songs she sings. One day Liz showed me her list of songs she sings; it was serval pages. Liz is a very professional singer with a well-seasoned voice. Liz sings Blues, Jazz, Southern Blues, Rock and Roll, and everything else you can think of.

I was able to see Liz sing in several bands and jam sessions. The musicians know that she is a great singer. I hear them talk about her being a fantastic singer and performer. I also have several videos and live videos on Facebook of her singing. Many people comment on how they love her voice. It truly is a gift.

If you want to see, Liz sing, join us at the Apple Valley Legion on Monday night 7 – 11 PM to watch her sing. You can click on the link for the Legion below.

Update: Liz now has her own band! Luchy Lizzy and the Boys Of the Biz

I give Liz Pollard-Seagren five stars for perfect pitch in singing. Five stars for perfect rhythm. Five stars for amazing performances.

Apple Valley Legion

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