The Dickerman Brothers Band


The Dickerman Brothers Band

By Mitzi Beliveau


I was invited to a Fourth of July celebration at the Disabled Veterans Camp in Minnesota. I was there to hear some old friends who are very accomplished musicians and singers. The Dickerman Brothers Band was playing for the vets and their family that afternoon and part of the evening. I was not disappointed and neither was anyone else there at the Disabled Veterans Campground.


The Dickerman Brothers Band was a hit. Lots of people dancing and singing along. The Dickerman Brothers Band play, rock, and roll, blues from the 60 – 80s. Every note from every song was right on the beat. I was in bliss heaven listing and dancing to the music that Fourth of July. What a blessing to hear The Dickerman Brothers Band.

Ray Campbell is the leader of the band, Ray as his friends call him, sings, plays lead and rhythm guitar in the group. A strong and loving voice that the ladies love to hear when he sings love songs. His guitar is magic when he plays lead and blends well with the other musicians and singers.

Bill Davis played both lead and rhythm guitar. Bill, as everyone calls him, is blessed with a great singing voice and sings all the old-time favorite exceptionally well. Bill is also an accomplished guitar player.

Bill Swanson is one of the top 10 keyboard players in the nations. Bill, as he is known as, is internationally know and loved in Hong Kong and New Zealand even though Bill has never been there. Bill big hit is via Facebook videos for the songs he sings.

JD Donovan plays the Bass guitar and sings too. DJ, as the band members call him, keeps the groove of the music in each and every song. JD also is a great singer, pleasing everyone dancing and listening.

Robyn Lee is the most talented in the band, my opinion. Robyn, as his friends call him, plays the keyboard, Saxophones, and Flute. Robyn also has a fantastic voice. So much musical talent in one man it is astounding. A blessing to the band.

The drummer was Howie Bursch, who keeps the band on the beat and sings! A fabulist drummer and singer. Well blended with the group and a sure team player. Shhh, Howie is a great singer too.

A guest singer was a very talented singer Liz Pollard Seagren. A multi-talented singer who in my opinion, will soon be singing on her own. Liz, as she is called by all the local bands, is a great singer. I can see in the futures she should be singing all over the USA with that big beautiful voice of hers.


With all these multi-talent superstars it is always a great time listening to The Dickerman Brothers Band. Five stars for each singer. Five stars for blended singers. Everyone was right on the beat, five stars. Five stars for performance. Five stars friendliness to their fans. Five stars for camaraderie. Not many bands who have so many talented band members blend well and show off each other gifts.

Great job to The Dickerman Brothers Band. I’ll be back to see you again soon. Before you travel all over the world with your great music! A great to book for your event!

I loved the Disabled Veterans Camp. All the people who helped with the event lived there and came there to hear the band play were very welcoming. The lake was beautiful, and so was the drive up there. Thank you for inviting me here.


Here are the links below for the Dickerman Brothers Band and The Disabled Veterans Camp.



The Dickerman Brothers Band Facebook page



The Disabled Veterans Camp Facebook page

The Disabled Veterans Camp Homepage



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