The No Booze and Blues Cruise


The No Booze and Blues Cruise

By Mitzi Beliveau


It was a Thursday night, and I was invited to the No Booze and Blues Cruise. It was both a fundraiser and a Blues Cruise. The hot evening got even hotter with some of the best music on the Avalon down the Saint Croix River from Stillwater, Minnesota.


The ladies in Stillwater, Minnesota, run a Non-profit called Youth Advantage. They provide instruments, sports equipment, and Financial assistance to youth that otherwise could not afford to participate in band and sports. Two of the ladies were Barb and Margo.


The entertainment on the No Booze and Blues Cruise that evening was Ross Wm. Perry, the New Feral Cats, Tommy Bentz Band, Paul Mayasich and RAMM, Ramshackle Charmers. The best musicians were onboard that evening. With some outstanding singers.

The New Feral Cats are some of the best Blues musicians, and the leading Singer has a remarkable voice that is a mighty female voice. Ross Wm. Perry played his guitar with style and rhythm and made his guitar hummed with love! A good matched group of outstanding musician and singers. I love these people. I see them often.

Tommy Bentz Band played smooth music with pizzazz and love. A very well-known band that plays Jazz, Blues, and everything in between. Bold and beautiful music and singing coming from this band. This was my first time seeing and hearing them. I’ll find them again, they’re that addictive and pleasing to the ears.

Paul Mayasich and RAMM band. What a wild and crazy time with upbeat music. Everyone was hopping to the music and a lot of dancers on the floor. A non-stop enjoyment of music. I had heard Paul Mayasich and RAMM before and was looking forward to seeing them again. Paul Mayasich is a great musician on the keyboard and right-on with his singing.

Ramshackle Charmers were great! Another band I had not heard before but wanted to go see. Love of music was in the air, and I had to dance to the excellent music and singing of this band. Another band I will be seeing in the future.

I’d like to thank John Garden for hosting and putting this together. A giving person who keeps on giving and is a friend to everyone, including me. I’m glad to call John, as we all call him, my friend. Because everyone was involved there this year, there will be another year of children playing instruments and playing in sports. Thank you, everyone, for caring.

You can find out more about the bands by clicking on the links below. The riverboat cruise company link below.



The New Feral Cats


Ross Wm. Perry


Tommy Bentz Band


Paul Mayasich and RAMM Facebook page


Ramshackle Charmers Facebook page


Stillwater River Boats







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