Smoldering Roots


Smoldering Roots

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a Saturday night in Saint Paul, and a friend and I decided to go to Casper’s and Runyon’s Shamrock Irish Nook! I had been invited to watch and listen to the band Smoldering Roots. I’m glad I went, not only did I get excellent service and food, but some of the best music around with Smoldering Roots there on stage!

They were defiantly hot in the cities with their music. The Band Smoldering Roots has all but one singer in the band.  Everyone sings except the saxophone player. Very talented singers and musicians. Good stage present and very danceable music.

On lead guitar was Mary K Stone. A very talented singer and lead guitar player. I could feel the music in Mary’s heart and soul as she worked the guitar. Mary’s voice was strong and on beat and tempo. I hope I can hear her sing more.

The lead singer was Heather Caillier. A well-seasoned singer on beat and tempo with every song she sang. Heather wowed the crowd with some of the unique songs she sang.

Margo Breivik was the saxophone player and played well in harmony and solo. A great talented saxophone player always on the beat with great spirit in her music! A great addition to the songs the band played.

Brett Haugen played the bass with the soul and groove in the band. Brett played his bass with rhythm, and very few bass players use their bass as rhythm. Very unique and talented bass playing.  Brett also sang solos!

Last is Dave DeCourcy on drums. I could feel and see the beat in Dave soul when he played the drums. Lots of energy and right on the beat, keep the band on time and tempo. David sings solo too! David is also an exceptionally talented singer.

Smoldering Roots play rock and roll, and they do an exceptional job at it. Check out where they will be playing next to enjoy some great music to listen and dance to. The link to their Facebook page and home page are below. Along with Casper’s and Runyon’s Shamrock Irish Nook link below.

I give five stars for the stage presence. Five stars to excellent working for the crowds on break. Some bands forget to do that. Five stars to solo singers and blended singers. Five stars for great music presentations. I’ll be back to see the Smoldering Roots again. One of my new favorite Rock and Roll band.




Smoldering Roots Facebook page

Smoldering Roots homepage




Casper’s and Runyon’s Shamrock Irish Nook

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