Everett Smithson Band


Everett Smithson Band

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a Friday night and a friend, and I went to Schooner Tavern in Minneapolis, Minnesota to see the band I have heard about through friends, but until now, I had not seen. I was delighted to listen to the music from The Everett Smithson Band.

Everett Smithson Band plays Rockabilly, Zydeco, some Blues, and mild R&R, and some of their own music from their many CDs. I can see why they are booked with many performances, and people love them. I loved their music and singing, it was very upbeat, and people enjoyed dancing to their songs.

Everett plays the harmonica and washboard. Everett also sings some of the solo songs. I love his voice, but I can not quite put my finger on whom his voice reminds me of.

Kathy Everett was lead singer this evening with a powerful voice and right on point with rhythm and notes. A very seasoned singer. Kathy, as her friends call her, played the washboard, guitar, and accordion. A very diverse and very talented musician.

Next is the famous Jeremy Johnson on lead guitar. I have heard Jeremy many times in jam sessions and playing in another band. Great music comes from his guitar, and the crowd loves it!

On the stand-up bass was the groove maker Bill Black. Always on tempo and beat. Setting the tone for the soul of the music the Everett Smithson Band played.

Last was drummer, always on beat and rhythm. It is still essential to have a great drummer, and Everett Smithson has one of the best in the five-state area. Great energy!

With all this talent I can see why they are a big success and have many CDs. Below are links to the Everett Smithson Facebook page and homepage. Look over their schedule and see if they are in your area. They are a treat to your ears and soul. Very danceable music! Buy their CDs to listen to them when they are not in town.

Five stars for stage presence. Five stars for all the solo singing. Five stars for best Rockabilly and Zydeco music. Five stars for the presentation of music. Five stars for best original music.

You can find out more about Everett Smithson Band on the links below and the Schooners Tavern that hosted them. Great job!




Facebook page Everett Smithson




Schooner Tavern homepage



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