Spotlight: Ginny Davis


Spotlight: Ginny Davis

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was in the winter of 2018 that I first heard Ginny Davis sing at the Jam Session at the Apple Valley, Minnesota American Legion. Ginny was a bit shy, and I encouraged her to sing. I told her I would be right up front. Ginny, as her friends call her, was shy, but what a remarkable voice. I kept on telling Ginny to come sing often.

It was not Ginny first time singing, Ginny has been singing all her life and was born in the UK and move to America when she was a child. Ginny sang in church choirs, small bands and just about anywhere there was music.

Ginny has had few losses in her life, and one was her second husband and the love of her life. Ginny said it is her faith that keeps her going along with the music. Ginny is known in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area for her gentle but powerful voice. A well-trained voice and local bands are noticing. Every time Ginny sings, you can feel the emotions, and it gives me goosebumps to hear her sing. Very few people can do that.

Ginny Davis gets five stars for a solo singer, five stars for stage presentation, five stars for acapella singing (a rare thing for average singers only the best singers can do this). Ginny sings Bluegrass, Country, Blues, Rock and Roll, and anything with ease and exceptional pleasure.

Come down to see Ginny Davis at the Apple Valley legion or maybe singing with several of the local bands like Jambone. Keep your eyes and ears open for the singing sensation, Ginny Davis. Now known worldwide via this web blog!


Apple Valley, Minnesota American Legion Facebook page


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