Snapshot: Joe Flip and Tony Cuchetti Road to Memphis Benefit


joe1Joe Flip and Tony Cuchetti Road to Memphis Benefit

By Mitzi Beliveau

Joe Flip and Tony Cuchetti are the famous duos who won the Minnesota duo contest for the Minnesota Blues Society going to Memphis to compete for the state of Minnesota. I was at a benefit in their honor to help pay expenses to Memphis for them.

It was an exciting and memorable time with the all-star Blues community that came out to support Joe and Tony as their friends call them.


Joe has this cool looking guitar that is made from the bygone era. A great sounding guitar with a little bit of a twang to it. I can see why this duo won, they could each be stand alone but together they are magical. Joe is great at both lead and rhythm guitar and blends well with either role he plays. Joe is also a great diverse singer both as solo and blended. I have to say he knows how to work his guitar. Sings and plays awesome music.


Tony has a traditional guitar and it shows that he is an accomplished musician and singer. Every note was right on. The beat was right on and voice hit every note right on.


It was a special treat to see Tony’s oldest son, still in grade school singing. I see a talented young man in the making.

I give five stars for blend and tone of Joe and Tony’s music. I give two five stars for a well-blended voice or stand-alone voices wish both Joe and Tony well in Memphis. Memphis contenders have a lot to compete with this duo. The best blues duo in Minnesota! I’ll be back to see this amazing Duo!

You can find out more about Joe Flip and Tony Cuchetti on the links below.


Joe Flip Facebook page

Joe Flip Homepage


Tony Cuchetti Facebook page

Tony Cuchetti home page




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