SnapShot: Ladies of the 80s Concert


80s1.jpgSnapShot: Ladies of the 80s Concert

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was another Friday night at Wilebski’s Blues Saloon, and it was hopping with the sounds and entertainment of the band Ladies of the 80s! The first song the Ladies of the 80s sang was 99 Red Balloons and out came “Red Balloons!” This band is all dress to the part of the 80s era. Singing some of the best ladies of the 80s songs. From Dolly Parton to Cher!


This band has three men and two principal women singers. But the men also sing some solos and blended song. From Rock and Roll to Heavy Metal songs. All in this band are good singers. The singers blend well together, and the music is right on the beat lead by a great drummer!

Both the bass and lead guitarist blend well together well in tuned and on the beat. Even the men get dressed in different attire throughout the show. I found the costumes of the women fascinating and met with what the women’s famous songs they sang! One of the Ladies sang a Madonna song, “Like a Virgin.” She was dressed up in a short wedding dress and walked out to the dancers and at the tables.


There was also some pom poms given to several people like myself on the dance floor to join in with the fun of the music. It was like a party and being entertaining. Very unique and pleasing. The one lead lady singer also plays keyboard very well. I enjoyed listening to it, and she was right on beat and tone.

I would recommend this band to entertain for large parties, theater, or conventions. They are very entertaining with great 80s music. Matching some of the original music and doing some of their own twists and turns on songs.


I give this band Ladies of the 80s five stars for entertainment. In the top 5 in the five-state area. I give Ladies of the 80s band five stars for a well-blended band. Five stars to the drummer. One of the best I have heard! Five stars for the keyboard player for rhythm and tone.

I know I will be looking for them when they come back to the metro area. I’ll also bring a few more friends. Great dance music and entertainment!

You can find out more about the Ladies of the 80s with the links below.




Facebook page


Wilebski’s Blues Saloon




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