The Jimmys Band Concert


The Jimmys Band Concert

By Mitzi Beliveau

What can I say but the Jimmy’s are coming! Yes, I have seen them a few times at the Twin Cities hot spot nightclub for the best bands. I hear the Jimmys at Wilebski’s Blues Saloon, in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The band The Jimmys plays a mixture of blues, jazz and rock, and roll. With the Midwest sound that rocks and brings the house down every time they play and sing.

The band has a horn, sax, and trombone player and blended singers. Some of the best horn session I have seen in a long time. The trombone player got several ovations when he played solo in several songs. Each in the horn section played solo and each exceptional; Each on tone and beat. A well-blended team! A well blends background singers as well.

The drummer was outstanding, doing a solo drum at the end that brought down the house with people cheering and clapping! The drummer was never off beat and had the energy of the top bands. I would rate this drummer in the top 5 in the five-state area

Along keeping the beat was the bass guitar player. The second important position in the band is the bass player to keep up the beat and blended tone of the group. Each note right on the beat. Another very talented member of the band.

The lead guitarist who also sings is a gift to the band when coming to lead, tempo, rhythm, and singing. A solo. A great lead singer with energy and smooth entertaining vocal. He is also very good blending with singing when the leader of the band sings!

That leads me to the leader of the Jimmys, the keyboard player. Full and energy and memorizes the audience with his sexy voice with blues, jazz and rock, and roll. I rate him as one of the five top keyboard players in the five-state area.

Overall, I rate the Jimmys as one of the top bands in the five-state area. If you have not seen them, see them soon! They are becoming international stars, and it is well deserved. People stay till the very last note and chant more, more after each gig’s ending.

I give five stars to the keyboard player, also five stars for a solo singer for the keyboard player. Trombone player five stars. Horn sections five stars! Well blended band singing, five stars. Beat and tone, five stars. This one of few bands I have given so many stars to. They are a well-seasoned band with great talent.

See the Jimmys Band soon! While they are still local stars in the five-state mid-sections of America.

You can find more about them on the links below. Buy their CDs and other items!



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