The Craig Clark Band Concert for The Vets Benefit


The Craig Clark Band Concert for The Vets Benefit

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was at a Vets benefit at Wilebski’s Blues Saloon in Saint Paul, Minnesota that I saw the Craig Clark Band. I had seen them before blended with another band. I am at awe with the excellent lead singer. One of the best blues singers in the nation. Yes, that is right. I put Craig Clark up there with the best of the best singers in the USA.

Craig Clark as a deep, strong southern blues singing voice that is magical and the audience fall in love with every word and note he sings. Don’t let his Southern Blues voice fool you Craig Clark can also sing, rock and roll and a bit of jazz! Craig Clark is very veritably with his voice, tone, and blend when singing with his band or solo.

Next is the drummer Pat Hulme. Very much on the beat and high energy. A well-seasoned drummer that many bands have their eye on. One of the top mid-western state’s drummers. The drummer keeps the band and singer right on the beat!

The second beat leads to the band is the bass guitar player Eric Meyer. A very excellent player right on tune and the rhythm. I could feel each note he plucked. You can feel the energy in each of his notes. He is a bit shy but blows them away when he plays the bass!

The rhythm guitarist Ted Vig also plays blended lead with Craig Clark. Well, mixed, blended, tone and beat. Very good at the solo lead parts he plays. Very excellent guitarist. I feel this band has a great team of seasoned musicians.

I have to say here it is very kind and admirable that a band gives up their time for free to help out for the Vets in their area. Great job Craig Clark Band! You have hearts of gold!

I give the solo lead singer five stars for lead singer, tone, rhythm, and beat. Craig Clark lead guitar with sang its own music in Craig Clark’s hands five stars! Drummer five stars! Overall blend of music five stars! Bass and rhythm guitarist both five stars, both right on the beat and well blended. The whole band is a magic experience.


Below you can find out more info about the Craig Clark Band. I highly recommend seeing this band before they go international. I believe they will be traveling internationally soon!


Facebbok page





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