VetFest 2018


VetFest 2018

By Mitzi Beliveau

With compassion, energy and networking many people, organizations and business help put the second VetFest of 2018 at the Wilebskis Blues Saloon into action for the Veterans in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area.

In any event and fundraiser, it is all about your friends and your connections. With this fundraiser, it was a web of interconnection of dedicated people. One of the main organizers is Pat McLaughlin and his band. From there the connection is his friend. Friends that are retired veterans of the area. Whom belong to the Minnesota Blues Society. People who belong to the Meetup, Get Out and Get Social, Craig Clark Band and Dance and Entertainment. There was a very strong web of friendships and wanting to help the Vets in the local metro area.

There are no ego’s here just doing whatever it takes to make it successful to raise as much money as possible. This was the second annual event at Wilebskis Blues Saloon offered their place. Several times a year Wilebskis Blues Saloon staff help out. The main owner himself of Wilebskis Blues Saloon has gotten an award for his compassion for helping others.

Second is the many Vets who work at this event and others throughout the year fundraising tirelessly to help other vets. The vet put in many hours calling people, meetings and getting baskets together to help raise money. There are endless people and organization that offer service, goods and other things for people to do a silent bid on.


There are much love and compassion in this group. Next, after planning a fundraiser you have to publicize it. With the networking of organization several stand out. They are The Minnesota Blues Society who member help with labor and visits. One band who is a member are the Craig Clark band. This band gave of their time to sing and play for the enjoyment of others. Also, many members who are musicians and singers came to give of their talent and money. Pat McLaughlin’s Band also gave of their time.



Next was the Meetup group, Get Out Get Social with many of the vets and blues members belong to. One of the largest meetup group in the five-state area. After posting the VetFest many members gave of their time, goods and showed up to make it an enjoyable musical fundraiser. This leaves the next connection Dance and Entertainment. Many of the members of the Meetup group and vets and organizers belong to this dance group. This group gave lessons, performed their very talented moves of dancing all free of charge!

When you hear it takes a “Village” it truly does each year to put on the VetFest. Thank you to the many people who gave their, time, money and talents to make this year VetFest a success. Next is the summer event next year and many other small but significant events. Remember to support your Vets!

Below are some of the links to those who help out for this event.


Wilebskis Blues Saloon Facebook page


Pat McLaughlin Band homepage

Pat McLaughlin Band Facebook page


Craig Clark Band Homepage

Craig Clark Band Facebook page



Get Out Get Social Meetup Homepage



Minnesota Blue Society Homepage



Dance and Entertainment


Webpage homepage


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