Brother Jon Band


Brother Jon Band

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a Sunday afternoon at the famous Wilebski’s Blues Saloon when I introduced myself to an extraordinarily friendly man. Little was I to know I would also be hearing a voice and band that excide my expectations for the benefit I was at.

Jon Rabideaux had a strong firm voice with a blues, rock, and roll with some Cajun spice. Jon, as his friends call him, is very welcoming to other musicians and singers whom he sees in the audience. Asking them to join him.

I find the band to be well blended right on the beat. The drummer kept the group right on the beat. The bass player blended will and kept the rhythm in the music. The rhythm guitar also did lead. I found him to be very good at both he was also a guest playing for the benefit. All in the band blended well with singing in tone and beat. I can tell they practice. Every note is right on!

Last in the band is Jon Rabideaux. Excellent solo voice and well blended with anyone who sings with him. A rare thing with a musical star like Jon Rabideaux is that when he is singing or playing his guitar, he blends well and is not seeking the center of attention. Great legionary quality in the band leadership. All work well with each other and make the most beautiful music together.


The Brother Jon Band is well diverse in the Blues, Rock and Roll, Southern Blues, Country sound and Cajun Blues. The Brother Jon Band also has the excellent music sound of the Minnesota Music Sound that is sweeping the country.

I give the Brother Jon Band five stars in versatile music sound. It is rare even in the best bands. Five stars for a well expert blend of voices. Five stars for tempo and mix. I see this band traveling internationally in their near future. A well-deserved energized status of stardom of the best of best bands in the nation. I’ll be back to hear more of this extraordinary great band!

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Facebook page


Youtube song

Join their Youtube page here. Get the latest music produced by the Brother John Band.




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