Dee Miller Band with Craig Clark


Dee Miller Band with Craig Clark

By Mitzi Beliveau

I was on the way home one cool fall Friday evening when I decided to stop by and see The Dee Miller Band with Craig Clark.

I was not surprised by the back house on Neumann’s Bar in North Saint Paul, Minnesota. I had heard Dee Miller sing at a benefit a few years back. The house was rocking with the sound of the band. People were dancing on the floor even though it is not a dance floor, but they make the room. Many of my long-time friends were also there to watch Dee Miller with Craig Clark. Everyone in the place was Wowed, by the music that night. Two power-house singers in one band is always a blessing. Especially when one is the powerful blues singer Dee Miller. Dee as her friends calls her won Performer of the Year by the Minnesota Blues Society for 2018.


I can recognize her voice anywhere. The power blues singer that could and still matches the best of the best female blues singers of all time. It blows me away evetime she sings. Dee Miller has a dominant low sexy blues voice. Dee Miller sings with power and emotions with each note she sings. She is never off on her notes, tone or rhythm. I have heard her a couple of times throughout the years. I rate Dee Miller number one female blues singer in the nation. Dee Miller is very diverse singing Jazz and the New Minnesota Sound as well.

Next, we have the powerhouse male singer and guitar extraordinaire Craig Clark. He makes his guitar sing and vibrates. He really works his guitar with magic! When he sings, he is among the best in the Nation as well in the top ten for Blues, Jazz, and The New Minnesota Music Sound. What a winning combination to have in the band.


The Bass guitar play and also solo and harmony singer. Is right on the beat, tone, and notes both his guitar and singing. He is one of the best bass players I have seen in a while. Working his bass guitar like some of the best-known bass players thought out the decades.

Last, we had the drummer who is always on the beat and did a solo. Great drummer and never went off beat. And wowed the crowd with the drum solo. Having a great drummer is an essential part of the band.

I give Dee Miller five stars for Best Solo Blues, the Jazz, and Minnesota Sound Music singer. I rate Dee Miller as number one for the nation as a great singer of Blues, Jazz, and The Minnesota Sound Music. I give Craig Clark five starts for great rhythm, tone and beat on his guitar. Craig Clark gets five starts for a great performance in a band and five stars for a great and powerful voice. The bass player gets five stars for rhythm, tone, and beat. The bass player gets five stars for the solo and blended singer. The band gets five stars for performance and star qualities in a group. I see The Dee Miller Band with Craig Clark traveling all over the world and being world famous.

Click below to see the best Blues, Jazz, and Minnesota Music Sound band in the nation before they start to travel. Saturday, December 8, 2018. Click on the lowest link below.


Homepage for Dee Miller Band

Join the CD release and recording. For more information click here.



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