Beasley’s Big Band


Beasley’s Big Band

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a warm fall evening, and I was with about 25 of my friends at the Wabasha Street Caves in Saint Paul, Minnesota. It was swing dance night! As many of you know, I love music and dancing. I was thrilled to listen to the sounds of the Beasley’s Big Band. Great Jazz and Big Band music to dance to. If people were watching their feet were tapping and heads bopping and swaying to the exceptional music that night by the Beasley’s Big Band.

I found the band uplifting and energetic with pazazz of the big band music that only the best band perform. The Horn section was well bent and right on the beat. Even the solo was great. I stood in front of the group as I usually do to count the beats, so I know when someone if off. I can tell this band does practice and often.

I listen to the drummer who keeps the beat and never missed. I love it when I see the energy of the band in the drummer. All finely dedicated in the rhythm of the music.

The guitar player also sang. He did both very well. A robust even tone voice that belted out the rhythm and notes well.

I was delighted to hear the female singer who a well-seasoned singer. A strong voice and you could feel the words she sang. She was always on beat, tone, and note.

The keyboard player played the music with energy and rhythm. Never out of beat but well blended with the band.

Over-all the Beasley’s Big Band is a great Jazz and Big Bad sound. Well blended and always on the beat! The more people in the band, the more you have to have it together, this band does.

I give the Beasley’s Big Band five stars for a well-blended big band sound. I give the Beasley’s Big Band five starts for being meticulously on beat and tone. Bravo to both singers who give the band that fresh sound. I give both of the singers five stars.

I’ll be back to see this extraordinary great Jazz and Big Band Music. You can find out more about the Beasley’s Big Band on the links below.


Beasley’s Big Band homepage

Beasley’s Big Band Facebook page


The Wabasha Street Caves homepage



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