GB Leighton Concert

gb leighton1

GB Leighton Concert

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was another Friday night at Wilebski’s Blues Saloon, and expectations were high for the famous GB Leighton. I have heard GB Leighton many times and his band, and I am never disappointed. The place filled up with the old fans and new fans and everyone waited for the magical only GB Leighton, and his band can make.

GB Leighton and band played both old familiar songs and some of their own. The whole group mixed and mingled with the crowds with a long line of people to great them. The dance floor with packed with dancers and there was standing room only in the place. GB Leighton is known all over the USA and Mexico. GB Leighton and has a considerable following.

I found the drummer to be right on the beat and always smiling while he sang backup. I listened to the bass player strum right on the beat and smooth tone and rhythm. The other guitar musician played both rhythm and lead very well. Always on the beat and very talented lead for the songs he played. The lead guitarist also sang backup.

The keyboard player played the accordion. As he played each, both instruments were well blended in the music. The keyboardist also sang backup. I have to say at this point it was amazing to see the whole band mix well with the music they played and their well-blended voices.

Next is GB Leighton the leader of the band. He sang, played the lead and rhythm guitar parts. Then wowed the fans with the harmonica!

This is a very talented band with both their music and voices. I give them five stars for rhythm, five stars for the well-blended music, five stars for blended voices. Last five stars for fan availability. Everyone blended and met with their fans. Some bands forget to do that!

I will be back to listen to GB Leighton and his band. You can find out more about them on the links below.


GB Leighton homepage


Facebook page





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