Ted Hajnasiewicz

CD Review, Just For Show/Always Wanting More

By Mitzi Beliveau

Another hit! I would not expect less from Ted Hajnasiewicz. His new CD is a diverse wonder of Blues, Easy Listening, Soft Rock, and a little bit Country. Ted, as his friends lovingly call him, always produces the best music. A two-part CD. Genius!

Always, an award-winning team that works hard to produce fantastic music and something for everyone’s listening to pleasure. Magic music for your ears and your tired spirit.

With each song, I could feel the heartfelt emotion. Deep emotion that brings back memories of life, love, and family. I could envision with each piece my life, and I could dream of a life of a man in pain, joy, and everyday life. Only a few musicians and singers can do that. Many sing songs with great tone and beat, but Ted puts heartfelt emotion that I cried during a few songs. I also got goosebumps with the beautiful music. I am already listening to this two-piece CD over and over.

What a deal! Two great CDs in one. A new CD for me to listen to on my long driving trips. Life is great listening to this CD. I feel blessed listening to the CD, Just For Show/Always Wanting More, by Ted Hajnasiewicz!

I highly recommend any CDs of Ted Hajnasiewicz. You can find out more about this CD and others on these websites.






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