Dave Grebin

Dave Grebin

By Mitzi Beliveau

One of the Minnesota Blues Brothers revivalists and entertainers is among the best of what Minnesota offers. Dave Grebin is one of the best on the harmonica I have seen in the mid-west area. Dave Grebin is lovingly known as Dave.

I know many bands, and the bands enjoy the harmonica Dave plays. I see many bands on my ventures, and whenever Dave is in the crowd, band members shout him out and ask for him to be on stage. A very well-known man in the blues community and rock and roll.

Jamming at the Halos Restaurant Bar
Live performance at a jam session at Halos Resturant Bar

Not everyone plays the “harp,” as people sometimes call the harmonica, but Dave shows off the instrument quite well. In-person I found Dave to be a bit shy and humble. Dave is very modest about his gifts and the many famous people he meets and performs with.

You can find out more with the link below and David’s many adventures and a long history of the music world and performing arts. I know I will be seeing and hearing him often. David is one of my favorite performers.


Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MNBluesBros/

Halos Restaurant Bar Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Halos-Restaurant-Bar-106363427601377

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