Dan Flynn

Dan Flynn

By Mitzi Beliveau

After the second mandated closures of bars and restaurants was when I met Dan Flynn. I had seen some of his amazing pictures and very vivid videos. I looked at what he is using, and it is a camera phone. I must say I sometimes covet his talent for taking pictures and videos. His talent is that good.

I found many pictures and videos online in many of the tags with my friend’s name on them. I chatted with Dan, as many of his friends call him. A friendly young man with good wit and a great smile.  I also find him very humble about his talent for photographs and videos. I would say he is one of the top in the twin cities metro area. I know the bands love it when he takes pictures of them.

For now, I have only seen Dan at some of the local jam sessions. I am pleasantly waiting for more media that Dan produces. I can see him going very far in his talents. Maybe even superseding me?

A very talented man on his way up in the media! You can find out more about him on this link. A budding success.

 Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/flynn442002/?fbclid=IwAR122kMHnubLhIqAKZW-U16i2vcpk-mfLgWdR1Vv3hjDHR79hWq7G75swrI

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