Carlo James LaManna

Carlo James LaManna

By Mitzi Beliveau

I’ve known Carlo, as his friends call him, for many years. But not as long as the twin cities Minnesota area has. Carlo is well known for taking pictures of small businesses in the local area and local music from Blues to Rock and Roll. Carlo also records videos of bands playing some of the best music around. Carlo has an ear for great music!

In many of the places I went to for music, I would see Carlo there. Carlo takes pictures with the band members and maybe one of their CDs in the photographs as well. I would see posted photos and videos on Carlo’s Facebook page or the many music groups in Minnesota on Facebook.

Carlo, has photographs his mother in his media. Carlo’s mother would be holding up the latest CDs of the bands Carlo recorded. How sad it was that I heard that Carlo’s mother had died recently. A broken-hearted man for sure.

Carlo also won an award on my website for 2020 for one of the best Twin Cities media people! A hard worker is trying to help others out in the community and with his pictures and videos. Carlo is very talented with the videos and photographs he puts out in his media.

You can find out more about Carlo James LaManna by clicking on the links below.

Facebook Page:

 WordPress story.

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