Sugar Buzz

Sugar Buzz

By Mitzi Beliveau

What a delightful evening of music and food! We were at Bogart’s Entertainment Center. One of the best bands I have heard in quite a while. A band who has it all together and plays well together on stage and off! A fabulous stage presence with high energy and poise. Great harmony in the Sugar Buzz band.

The video I recorded:

The lead singer Beth Norris Brennan, with her sexy smooth, sultry and bold voice, was right on for every song she sang. Plus, as her friends call her, Beth is multitalented with being able to play multiple instruments. The bass and the keys! Exceptionally talented singer, musician, and entertainer. Beth is also the focal point of the band but shares the stage with all her bandmates!

Mark Janning plays keys, trombone, acoustic guitar, and rhythm guitar. Besides playing all those instruments, he has a great voice that caries with soft tones on time and blends well with his bandmate. Mark sings both solo and backup. Mark could be a one-man-band. Great job Mark

Bass Dale Schultz and singer is new to the group but already a big hit and enjoys playing with the band. Dan is the soul of the band and does it well. On stage, he all over and enjoying his bandmates and the fans! You can feel the joy and the love!

Brendan Prigge, the drummer and a fantastic singer! Keep the band on the beat and a fun person to be around. No one is going to be off-beat while Brendan is drumming. He is great!

Henry Linder is the lead guitar and talented singer. Smooth and even like the guitar is a work of art with the music from Henry music of his magic fingers. Awesome Henry! A blessing to the band!

Paul Daily plays rhythm guitar, keyboard, percussions, singing. Another very talented man who blends well and keeps the upbeat the whole band. A well-seasoned musician and singer.

I like the high energy and fantastic music a delightful evening. I would recommend everyone see this band over and over. I know I will! Click on the links below to find out more about them and where they are performing next. See you there!

Facebook page:

Sugar Buzz homepage:

Bogart’s Entertainment Center Facebook page:

Bogart’s Entertainment Center Homepage:

2 thoughts on “Sugar Buzz

  1. Wow!!! You brought tears to my eyes (happy tears) because my dad, Heinz Janning, WAS actually a one man band! It was his trombone I played, and when the accordion comes out, that’s also his. He died over a decade ago but I think of him at every gig. He and my mom (Yvonne, still alive and well living in my hometown house in Redwood Falls, MN) were so supportive of music….well, that’s a wonderful long story but I’ll just say I thank them both every day for making me who I am and for the gift of LOVING MUSIC! Thank you, Mitzi, for also loving and making and sharing music – we are grateful for and humbled by your kind words! Also, the bassist is actually Dale, not Dan. 😎


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