Helium for LiftOff

Helium for LiftOff 

By Mitzi Beliveau

Helium for LiftOff won last year’s 2019 New Band or Restructured band award from this blog site last year. After COVID-19 and other unforeseen life problems. The band Helium of LiftOff is in another growing pains of new members and two original members. This is now November 2020. 

I was at the Everett McClay VFW Post 1296 in Bloomington Minnesota on the last night before the second shutdown of Minnesota’s shut down called a “pause.” From COVID-19.

Helium for LiftOff has two new members and a guest singer and musician. 

Howie Beeken is the lead guitarist and leader for the band. Howie sang solos and backup for the band that evening. Romancing the ladies in the crowd with his magical voice and attitude. A singer that sings to perfection. Howie is a great lead guitar musician. One of the best I have seen and heard. A unique guitarist with special gifts . Howie has two guitars to make a magical sound to match his lovely voice. I could listen to him for hours!

Karen was not there that evening. Karen Skaja is one of the best female singers I have heard. A powerful voice with smooth sounds hitting each note to perfection. Karen’s as everyone calls her also plays the exceptional keyboard well. A great talented lady and a gem to be sure in the music world.

Bass player; Anthony Lee is a well known bass musician in the midwest area. Very persisted with keeping the smooth groove and the tempo for the band. Welcome aboard Anthony to Helium for LiftOff. I hear Anthony sings, maybe we will hear him sing with Helium for LiftOff sometime soon. 

Drummer; Roy Scheulin always on the beat and a comedian on the stage. I can see that Roy is the life of the party on stage and keeps the band on time with perfection.

The lead female special guest singer and guitarist was Kalliah Jackson! An extremely and amazing lead female singer. Life and energy in every song she sang that night. Kalliah is well known in the Midwest area as being one of the best female singers of blues, jazz and rock and roll.

I am truly amazed with the beautiful music I heard that night. Absolutely one of the best performing bands I have heard all year. Great job! Exceptional created blues, rock and roll with a little country to please everyone that evening.


Helium for LiftOff Facebook page


Everett McClay VFW Post 1296 Facebook page


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