Bambi Alexandra

Bambi Alexandra

By Mitzi Beliveau

Bambi Alexandra is one of the best blues, soul, jazz and country singers I know. Her beautiful and amazing voice will give me shivers every time I hear her sing. It is always my honor to write about someone who is truly talented. Bambi, as her friends call her, goes beyond one of the best female singers I have heard. A big beautiful voice to match her big beautiful heart.

The first time I heard Bambi I heard just a few notes and she nailed it and had me to my feet clapping. I know a great performer and singer when I see one. This evening at Big Guys BBQ Roadhouse in Hudson, Wisconsin was sheer pleasure to my ears. When Bambi sings, people stop talking and listen to hear Bambi no matter where she sings. Bambi commands that stage and her audience. 

Bambi is a versatile singer who sings; blues, country, rock and roll, classic rock, soul, and gospel. 

Tonight on stage was drummer Michael Velasquez. Always on the beat and a great drummer, everyone wants him in their band and I see him often. A master drummer. I look at him performing and it all looks so easy for him. I have not seen anyone better. 

Also a drummer was Twyla Whitney who did a guest appearance. 

A guest singer was Liz Pollard Seagren.

The lead guitar was David Beattie. I have seen David and hear him play his guitar and sing. Amazing singer and works the guitar like a smooth angel of music. A true master at both singing and playing the guitar. 

Bass guitar was JD Donovan. A man who has played for decades with many bands and his own. A great singer and bass player. I think he knows just about every song I have ever heard. Amazing memory and a mentor to many in the music business locally.

As alway, Bambi Alexandra never disappoints the audience she performs in front of. I know many musicians and they say they would love to play for Bambi. Everything sounds wonderful with Bambi on stage.

If you want to have a great singer for a party, convention or at your bar or restaurant. Click on the link and hire Bambi!

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