CD Review, 2020 Outlaw Saint [RE] VISION [S]

CD Review, 2020 Outlaw Saint, [RE] VISION [S]

By Mitzi Beliveau

I was at the Wednesday night jam session listening to some great music when I had a man sit next to me and he introduced himself as Tank. Tank told me he was a singer in a band called Outlaw Saint. I had heard of the band but had not seen them yet.

I waited for Tank to sing. I was not disappointed. A strong voice, on the beat, and perfection. After he was done performing, Tank gave me a CD of his. And, this is where my review comes in.

I only review the best of the best musicians, singers, videos and CDs. [RE] VISION [S] is one of the best Heavy Metal DCs I have heard in years.

This CD is Heavy Metal and Strong Rock. A blend of both. I feel this CD is the best heavy metal music I have heard. Amazing blended instruments.

Lead guitar in all five songs were amazing. There were different lead guitars but all guitars lead, rhythm and bass were excellent. No one was out of sink. I did like the lead guitar. Amazing to say the least. One of the best lead guitar I have heard. Bass guitar kept up and was the soul of the music. Drummer was keeping the beat and kept everyone on track. Great job everyone!

The singer Tank has the powerful raspy voice of a lead heavy metal singer. Also Tank is versatile in hard rock music. A truly great singer. I want to hear him again live!

My favorite songs on this CD were; Push Comes 2 Shove, Get It On (All Night Long) and WTF. I recommend buying this CD if you are Heavy Metal or Hard Rock fans! 

You can find out more about them by clicking on the link below.

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