Tom Harkness Project

The Tom Harness Project

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a double pleasure to see the Tom Harness Project because I get to see the best musicians and singers in one band. I was at the Haunting Experience in Cottage Grove, Minnesota when I was the lead singer and guitarist Tom Harness. Tom also has another band.

Tom as his friends call him is one of the best singer and guitarist in the upper mid-west. One of the few friends I know with a great heart and always there for a friend. The music he plays always attract a large crowd. Amazing music comes from Tom’s guitar. Tom’s voice is smooth, even, and loved by who ever hears him sing.

Next is drummer Jim Meier. Always on beat and keeps the band in line. Jim as everyone calls him helps out other bands get gigs and plays in his own band and others as well as this band for the Haunting Experience. Only the best come out of Jim!

The lead and rhythm guitar is Michael Pasqualini. A very good and seasoned guitarist and singer. Always on the beat, note and even wows the babies, adults’ and children listen to him play and sing. Michael as everyone calls him, also plays in other bands.

The bass guitar is Steve Hansen always on note and beat. The soul of the band. Very smooth and perfections. As the soul of the band and you can tell he loves to play the bass. It’s the attitude and small on his face when he place. A passion of love with soul. A long seasoned bass player who is well know in the upper Northland.

I saw people and young people dance to the band. Wowing the crowd with every note and song. Not many bands can do that. The Tom Harkness had the grand music experience that people want to hear. The unique music experience that people love. Each of these men have been long-time musicians and singers. Perfection and extremely talented. No wonder they have a large following and loyal fans like me.

You can find out more about The Tom Harkness Project by clicking on the link below. The Tom Harkness Project is also available for your event. Book them you will never be disappointed.

Tom Harkness Project Facebook page

‘Tom Harkness Project Homepage


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