Craig Clark Band At The Haunting Experience

Craig Clark Band at the Haunting Experience

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a weekend at The Haunting Experience in Cottage Grove, Minnesota that I saw the Craig Clark Band. I am amazed every time I listen to his band. Always extradentary music and singing come from the Craig Clark Band. The Craig Clark Band played at The Haunting Experience for a few year now and they are always a big hit.

I also know that Craig, as his friends call him, likes to play at many benefits. Craig and his bandmates love to help others out. I would like to interject here, that a band with a good heart will go thousands of miles and win the fans more than the stars above. It’s a bit cheesy to say it, but I have no other descriptions of their immense love of their fans and fellow musicians. The Craig Clark Band is this and more.

At this performance at The Haunting Experience the fans, locals and people there were blown away the music of this trio. Everyone came out front and danced. The crowds stopped and listen as they were going to other events. A very magical experience.

Craig Clark Band is known in Minnesota and in the five-state area as a great, blues, rock and roll, and jazz band. With a fantastic upbeat and superimposed magic on any stage they perform. This is why I watch the Craig Clark Band often; I love their performances!

Craig Clark is one of the top ten lead guitarists in the five-state area, and maybe even in the USA, we have the powerhouse male singer and guitar extraordinaire Craig Clark. He makes his guitar sing and vibrates. Craig Clark really works his guitar with magic! When he sings, he is among the best in the Nation as well in the top ten for Blues, Jazz, and The New Minnesota Music Sound. What a winning combination to have in the band.

The Bass guitar play and also solo and harmony singer Eric Meyer. Is right on the beat, tone, and notes both his guitar and singing. He is one of the best bass players I have seen in a while. Working his bass guitar like some of the best-known bass players thought out the decades.

The drummer is a well-known drummer in the world with the many travels he has done worldwide. Mario Dawson is the drummer; among many things, he plays with Bernard Allison band. Always on the beat and an amicable person. I love the way he keeps the rhythm and has fun doing it. The band continues its cue by the fantastic drummer! If you can see Mario ask him about his adventures of the different countries he has been in. Many amazing stories and adventures Mario has to tell. He may be a bit shy at first, but once he opens up, beautiful stories are to be heard.

I live in the area they play most often. I feel that is a blessing. I have written about the Craig Clark Band before, and you can read the story below. Just click on the link.

Craig Clark Band homepage

Craig Clark facebook page

The Haunting Experience website

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