Red Hot Rock’n Blues Jam

Red Hot Rock’n Blues Jam

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a Wednesday evening and I had decided to go to the Red Hot Rock’n Blues Jam at the Welsch’s Big Ten Tavern in Arden Hills, Minnesota. I knew one of the guys from previous jam sessions, Jimmy Love. Jimmy as his friends call him was the one who invited me to his jam session for months and I finally had an evening open to go. I was not disappointed.

I found the Welsch’s Big Ten Tavern in Arden Hills, Minnesota to have a big parking lot and easy access to get to. A very welcoming place. I can see why Jimmy chose this place.

As always, I got there early to sit in a talk to Jimmy for a minute. It was a little bit before Halloween and Jimmy was helping set up decorations. It was long after that the house band for the jam session started setting up.

I was introduced to the band members one by one. Jimmy Love is the lead guitar, but also plays rhythm. Jimmy sings with a smooth voice and never misses a note. A great lead to any band.

Bass player was Jamie Harrison, the soul of the music and keeping the beat and soul of each song. A great bass player. I loved that he had that great bass attitude. Truly a treasure in the band.

Guitar and singer Adam Wettering perfection and right on with his very low second bass voice. A secret in the band that wow’s the crowd.

The drummer was John Martinez. Smooth and drumming was perfect. John also sang with a wonderful voice, I could say he could go solo and make a big hit. Amazing voice.

The keyboard player gave the jazz and pick-me up for the band, always on the beat and note. Joe Kemmerling is another great singer in the band and also plays the saxophone.

I was pleasantly surprised with the variety of the music that was performed that night. I heard Rock and Roll, Blues, Country, Heavy Metal, Folk and the best entertainment I have ever seen in a jam session.

I would recommend that anyone who loves music attend these Wednesday night Red Hot Rock’n Blues Jam. I’ll be seeing you there! You can find out more by clicking on the links below.

Jimmy Love and The Red Hot Rock’n Blues Band

Welsch’s Big Ten Tavern

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