Online music: Joe Flip


Online music: Joe Flip

By Mitzi Beliveau

Life had changed in the presence of live entertainment as things had to shut down. Many of my friends chose to do online Facebook Streaming. One friend was Joe Flip. Joe, as many of his friends and fans call him, is one of those very talented men. I had the opportunity to listen to Joe again. I missed his voice, music, and the Oil Can Guitar! Joe does have another guitar he plays, but the sound of the Oil Can Guitar is fantastic!

Joe also has a video out there to show how to make Oil Can Guitars. You can find it on his Facebook page listed below.

Life was different, and now we have online music for our choice. I invited some of my Meetup friends for the evening, and I was not disappointed. Joe always puts on a great show.

People from all over the world were listening in and commenting on the great music. People were also thanking Joe for sharing his music and lively personality.

Joe sings and plays the Blues, Rock and Roll, Country and a little bit of everything else.

Taking requests and poking a joke once in a while, Joe wows the online entertainment. We all need to laugh and listen to music to feel alive again. Something extraordinary is emerging in our new world. The musicians like Joe are taking the lead and sharing for free. Tips are always excepted. I also would recommend tipping. Lost of income is great.

Thank you, Joe, for singing and taking your time to play for many people from all over the world. We need more people like you in the world. Always a five-star performer and online performer added to the gifts he has.

Click on the links below and listen to his live stream shows or just find out more about Joe Flip!



Facebook page:

Joe Flip Homepage:


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