Facebook Online Streaming

Facebook Online Streaming

By Mitzi Beliveau

This is the first time I have ever written about big business. It is one that is now a lifeline for many musicians and singers. Facebook Online Streaming.

Strange things are happening in our world. We may see some bad stuff going on, but also some beautiful things. I see people coming together, sharing, and caring about one another. Be Safe is one of the new sayings worldwide now.

Our musicians and singers are used to being on stage. Some make a lot of money most do not. This, for all, has hit the entertainers hard. Their love and life are all about music. Living in and among the music community and being part of the music community, I feel the sadness and despair. We in the music community always support each other. In this new and unique way, we are now sharing. Giving our love and talents to others on the Facebook Live Stream events.

What a lifeline indeed. Where else can we go to live and breathe our life? We are resilient and love our music community. It is not an ego thing but pure love. It started out with one then two music performers, now hundreds have gotten on Facebook Live Stream to share their gifts and fill that need to play/sing.

As you tune in to the new trend of Facebook Live Stream, upbeat and encouraging words are commented on the entertainers for sharing their gifts. The world has seen to change, and the way we do things has changed. Thanks to Facebook Live Stream, we now have a way to share our music. Thank you, Facebook Live Stream, music still lives!

Go to your favorite musician or band and find out if they are doing Facebook Live Stream. Support by giving them tips via whatever link they have. We survive, no matter what.

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