Spotlight Online: Tim Cheesebrow with Joe Flip

Spotlight Online: Tim Cheesebrow with Joe Flip

By Mitzi Beliveau

Times have changed where live music is now not so live, but a live stream. I had watched Joe Flip many times live but now he had a friend with him, Tim Cheesebrow. Tim as his friends call him is not only a seasoned musician, he plays the guitar, but an amazing singer. Time gave me chills when he sang. A truly gifted and healing voice.

The power in his words were smooth and loving. Memorizing each note and word he sang with feeling. I can see why Joe Flip asked him to join him. What a wonderful duo to be giving from the heart during these hard times.

Both giving from the heart and healing gifts of music. Tim and Joe blended very well you would have thought they had sung together for decades. But each has their own music career and successful I might also add. I hope I see them both together again, maybe this time live? Great job Tim and Joe! I recommend listing to both Tim and Joe’s music and maybe put a tip in the electronic tip jar. No live music means no money.

You can find out more about both by clicking on the links below.




Facebook page:



Joe Flip Story, I wrote:

Joe Flip Facebook:

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