Spotlight: Free and Easy Band

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Spotlight: Free and Easy Band

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a chilly winter night, and I went to Wilebskis Blues Saloon to another fantastic band! I had heard them years ago, but it was my delight to be able to listen to them again.

The first song the band had the whole place Rockin! Well, blended singers and solos. The horn section was right the beat and was a powerful influence in the band. The bass was right on and smooth soul to every song. The drummer was right on with every beat. I usually have much more to say about an excellent band, but I don’t have all the names of the band members and the instruments they played. I’m still waiting back to hear from their Facebook page for the info. After I get the information, I will update the story.

Singing blues, rock, and roll, a few new and oldest but goodies. It was good to see the band have everyone sing along and one song the whole dance floor dancing the dance the band was doing. Definitely a great entertaining band! With some very excellent singers and band members.

An excellent band defiantly a hit anywhere they go. Five stars for singers, both solo, blend, and backup. Five stars for the horn section. Five stars for lead guitar. Five stars for stage presence. Five stars bass player, Five stars for the drummer.

The people in the band I know in Free and Easy band are; Dave, Jim, Mel, Rocco, Brent, Hiebs, Ed, Mark, Quentin & Big Tim


Congratulations! I will see more of you.

Click on the link to find out more about the band.




Facebook page



Wilebskis Blues Saloon

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