New Years Eve 2020, Sugar Ray Norcia, Rockin’ Johnny Burgin, Mitch Kashmar @ Hilton, Bloomington


New Years Eve 2020, Sugar Ray Norcia, Rockin’ Johnny Burgin, Mitch Kashmar @ Hilton, Bloomington

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was an evening to remember and a once in a lifetime experience. Paul Barry Production company planned and presented some of the best of the best Blues entertainers in both 2019 and 2020 at the New Year’s Eve Party!


Everyone was dressed in their most elegant attire, and the evening started in the afternoon as everyone tried to get things ready for the big event. The stage was being set up, the VIP room was being stocked, and I was having lunch and an early dinner at the Chop House in the Hilton Hotel. Great food and excellent service! I loved spending the night there.


I was in the VIP room and met exciting musicians and Minnesota Blues Society members. It was like going to a class reunion meeting and greeting everyone. What joy to be around so many talented people. Snack and drinks were being shared along with stories of “old times.”

As people were shuffled to the grand room where the stage and dance floor was were more people I knew. Everyone found tables to sit at and began to mix and mingle before the music started. What a grand room it was. A large dance floor and plenty of room for people to move around. The cash bar was right at the end of the hall. Thank you, Paul Barry, for planning everything that was absolutely a magic experience.


There were lots of people who volunteered to make this a success. I wish to thank everyone who helped out with this grand event. Without volunteers, it would not be the same or the magnificence success it was.


With three famous singers and musicians, a genuine hit that can never be repeated.

First up to sing and playing his amazing guitar was Rockin’ Johnny Burgin! Johnny, as his friends, calls him, started the night off with a bang! Johnny was Rockin definitely. Johnny goes on stage with his band and the local and very famous Jeremy Johnson playing alongside with his guitar. People were dancing and singing along with the magical music of the Johnny Burgin Roaring Twenties music! Just right for 2020!


Last was Sugar Ray Norcia and kind and shy man. Playing the blues and 50s sounds wowing the crowd. A great bang for the end of the year 2019 and the start of the year 2020.

Thank you to Paul Barry Production for hosting and putting on this show. Also, Harold Tremblay for working hard to get this great event together. I can’t wait for next year’s new year’s event!

Click on the links to find out more about everyone who had a part in this event.


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Bloomington Hilton Hotel

MN Blues Society










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