Harrison Street Band, Road to Memphis

harrison street2

Harrison Street Band, Road to Memphis

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a delighted to see the band Harrison Street, again. The great Erin McCawley manages the band and is the main singer. A powerhouse entertainer in the music business. Erin, as everyone in the blues community calls her, is one of the best lead female blues singers in the USA. Yes, she is that good, with her gift of singing and preforming the band hits it’s marked from the first note to the last.

I was not surprised that when the Harrison Street Band entered the Minnesota competitions for the National Blues Contest, I knew that they would win. Great music comes from the State of Minnesota, and when a band or duo goes to Memphis Tennessee for the International Blues Competition, I know only the best in the nation will be going from Minnesota.

The principal members of this band are Robb who plays the bass, Bill on the drums, Tony lead guitar and Erin main vocalist and washboard player. They are occasionally accompanied by Joe on harmonica. The band Harrison Street have been playing for seven years, and Erin wrote all of the songs on the album except for “Funky Way.” Harrison Street is the name of the Album.

I was excited to see this band with several members whom I have the pleasure of seeing and hearing before at Jam Sessions and playing with other groups. I was not disappointed.

Robb, the bass player, plucked with a natural and smooth rhythm of the music. Never missing a note or beat. Yes, if your bass players have to be on the beat. I could feel the bass beat and emotions that go with Robb as he played.

Joe played well, and rhythm and tempo were smooth and the right key on the Harmonica.

Bill is an extraordinary excellent drummer. The envy of many other bands. What you have one of the best drummers in the five-state area, your group is always on the beat and well-led in time and rhythm.

Tony is well on the beat as lead guitar, and his smooth emotional and energetic music on his guitar sings all by itself.

Erin is the power-house singer with a voice of brass and sass. Smooth Blues and soft rock and roll. Erin’s music and sound are felt in each note she sings. Erin also plays the washboard, I have not seen a washboard player since the early 1960s. What an awesome instrument. I love the stage present Erin has, she always wows the crowd!

I love the inter-reactions of the band members and additions. It comes from a great leader. Erin is that great leader and the guys follow her wisdom and knowledge.

For well-written originals songs, I give the band five stars. For stage presence, I give the group five stars. For powerhouse vocals, I give the band five stars. They are becoming the top 10 bands in the USA. If you have not seen them see them soon. They are becoming a national hit. Below are the links you can contact them. Check out Harrison Streets new album and song, I choose me! Written by Erin McCawley

Harrison Street Band Facebook page


Youtube video


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