Kinda Fonda Wanda Band


Kinda Fonda Wanda Band


By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a Wednesday evening, and I was out with a friend taking a swing dance lesson. That is when I met the band members of the Kinda Fonda Wanda. A great group of musicians and singers. I was in for pure pleasure that night at the Richfield Legion in Richfield Minnesota.

The lead singer Amanda White is defiantly in the top five female singers in Minnesota. A strong voice and hits each note with perfections. It was a thrill to hear that beautiful and dreamy bold voice. Thank you for your gift and for sharing it, Amanda!

One of the rare finds is a female drummer. Renee Bracchi played the drum that night with energy, joy, and emotion. Everyone was right on the beat with Renee behind the drums!


Lead guitar of the Kinda Fonda Wanda Band is Al Subola! A very talented musician who was right on beat and note. I have to admit here he is a well-seasoned lead guitarist. Al makes his guitar sing! Hot smoking music comes from his guitar every time he plays! Great job, Al.


Next was the soul maker of the band Drew Miller also another well-seasoned musician. You could feel the soul in each and every song when Drew plucked his bass guitar.


The crowd danced all night to every dance that night. I see great things happening to the Kinda Fonda Wanda Band who plays a great twist of Jazz, Rockabilly, and Big Band upbeat danceable and listing pleasure music.

I give the band five stars for stage appearance, five stars for solo and blended music, five stars for mixed singing, solo parts and last, five stars to Amanda! Kinda Fonda Wanda Band is a winning team to book or go see. Click on the links below for more information.



Facebook page



Richfield Legion homepage



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