One Step Behind, Rock Camp Experience, Four of Four

one step1

One Step Behind, Rock Camp Experience, Four of Four

By Mitzi Beliveau

Some may ask what is the number stuff on your titles lately. I went to a Rock Camp event and saw four bands! This is the last and final one. One Step Behind theme band was SKA. I did know about the group SKA until I heard One Step Behind. Totally Awesome! I loved the upbeat and fun the One Step Behind band had on stage at the Dog House Bar and Grille in Maplewood, Minnesota.

The dance floor was hopping, and people were bouncing up and down. This is definitely an upbeat band and musical genius. A little funk, rock and roll, jazz and a little bit of magic. I was not expecting a different kind of music compared to the other three bands that had played that afternoon. Excellent job One Step Behind!

one step2

In the band One Step Behind was, excellent musicians and singers. Great showmanship that wows the crowd. The band One Step Behind has learned a lot from Rock Camp Experience. The One Step went one step farther and dressed up to the stage presence. One Step Behind had confidence that they learned from Rock Camp Experience and many in the camps that mentor others. I bet some of these members of One Step Behind mentor other in the Rock Camp Experience.

Great job to; David Preis vocals/Trumpet, on guitars, Pat Splinter and Fred Baer. Bass guitar was Tim Walker, drums were Jim Myers. The keyboard player was Dave Nickson, Saxophone was Tom Hammersten and last on the Trombone was Jackson Kisling.

You can find out more about Rock Camp Experience by clicking on the links below.


Rock Camp Experience Homepage

Facebook page


The Dog House Bar and Grille home page


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