Bahston, Rock Camp Experience, Three of Four


Bahston, Rock Camp Experience, Three of Four

By Mitzi Beliveau

Sometimes when I listen to a band, it puts me in a dreamy state to where I can go back to my youth. This band Bahston of the Rock Camp Experience does that for me. Great music and excellent vibrations of showmanship. Everyone inter-reacting with each other having a great time on stage. A good band of the music of the Boston Band theme.

The stage was significant at the Dog House Bar and Grille in Maplewood, Minnesota. Just perfect for the band Bahston to perform. Great musicians that blend well together and many talented singers in the group. Everyone was right on the beat for every song. You know you have a great band when people start dancing. It takes four weeks of practice before the group Bahston to come out on the stage to give it they’re all.

Some in the band Bahston were old friends, and even a husband and wife team. All are well diverse in voice range and talented musicians. Helping others in the Rock Camp Experience and doing more adult music camps with the Rock Camp Experience company is a helpful way to learn how to better your skills in singing, playing an instrument or working showmanship on stage. The band Bahston had all of these.

Great job on vocals Jen Stella, Bob Arndt, and Carrie Kennedy. Playing the guitars were Mike Czora and Ron Greenberg. On Bass was Paul Bertram. Drums was Rick Stella, and last was on the dual keyboards, Clarice Pettingill. All over a great band, Bahston.

Below is the link for Rock Camp Experience business if you wish to be a part of this great Rock Camp Experience. Learn to be a part of the band with many different Rock Camp themes.


Rock Camp Experience Homepage

Facebook page


The Dog House Bar and Grille home page

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