Norwegians Would Band, Rock Camp Experience, Two of Four

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Norwegians Would Band, Rock Camp Experience, Two of Four

By Mitzi Beliveau

Some of the most wonderful people you meet are people who help others. That is what I encounter every time I go to a Rock Camp Experience AKA RCX. Rock Camp Experience is people helping people in their dreams of playing an instrument or sing in a Rock band. Teaching and mentoring is a part of the Rock Camp Experience. The thrill of being on stage and singing or playing your heart out to the best of your abilities.


The next best thing to a Rock Camp Experience is after all your hard work, you get to perform on stage. That is where I heard the Rock Camp Experience band called, Norwegian Would. Their theme was to sing the Beatles songs, and they did very well that Saturday afternoon at the Dog House Bar and Grille in Maplewood, Minnesota.

This particular group of people are used to playing and singing together, so there were significant interactions on stage with each other. Along with excellent music, all musician blended well together on time and perfect tones and notes. The singers were classic in pitch and beat. In this band, Norwegians Would, were lead singer Bob Arndt, backup and solo singer Rob Boyd. On the guitars were Sean McCoy and Don Farleo. Bass guitar was Jesse Miller. Drums Rick Stella then last is keyboards and backup singer Marcia McCoy. This band was excellent in their choice of playing and singing the Beatles songs.

The crowd loved them and started to dance. Great job to Norwegian Would! Keep on singing and making music! I felt blessed to hear you sing and play great music. Thank you.

You can find out more about how to join the Rock Camp experience by clicking on the link below.


Rock Camp Experience Homepage

Facebook page




The Dog House Bar and Grille home page




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