Armadillo Jump Band

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Armadillo Jump Band

By Mitzi Beliveau

Love is in the air every time I listen and dance to the Armadillo Jump Band. Large groups of people follow this blues and R & R band. No matter where they go, there is always a sellout crowd. They defiantly had a large crowd at the Muddy Waters Bar and Grille in Prescott Wisconsin. An excellent place for food, music, and ambiance!

I love the music of compassion and genuine love of the songs and voices of this band. John is the leader and plays the lead guitar. John works his guitar sexy, hot, and smooth. John also sings with a vibrant and excellent tone and tempo.

Next is the powerhouse lead singer Monica Louise. Her sexy voice keeps you wanting more sexy, hot inviting songs into your heart.  Always on tempo and beat a powerful singer with feeling and emotions in every song. Monica is a powerhouse singer and in the top ten female blues singers in the five-state area. People stand up and cheer when Monica sings!

The sax player is Rose. Sweet music coming from the sax and even more loving voice of perfection. Love is in the air when she sings either solo or backup. Rose also writes and sings her own songs.

Next is Jim, the drummer. One of the best drummers in the state. I have seen him play all over in jam sessions and he is hugely coveted by other bands. He is also another great singer both in the lead and backs up. Smooth and jumping with the music. Armadillo Jump is his home and well suited to him.

Last is the famous bass guitar player and singer Mike! Each stroke or pluck of the string is magic and romantic. His voice is smooth and even. Yes, another male singer in the band who wows the crowds. Mike plays the soul of the music of the group.

The guest guitar was Rick Steve of the Smokin Whiskey Band. Well blended and smooth guitar sound.

The best of this band is the way they all blend together, whether it is their singing or playing their instruments. They defiantly are Jumping and sexy romantic music. Armadillo Jump is where you to go for a first date or any date. Or just go out for the best dance music around.

I give the band Armadillo Jump five stars for smooth tempo. Five stars for romance. Five stars remarkable packed voices in a group. Five stars for danceability music. Five stars for all solo singers! The band is packed full of fantastic music and voices.

To find out more about the band and Muddy Waters Bar and Grill you can click on the links below.


Armadillo Jump Band home page




Muddy Waters Bar and Grill Facebook page

Muddy Waters Bar and Grill homepage

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