Snapshot: The Zebra Mussels Band


Snapshot: The Zebra Mussels Band

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was late on a Friday evening, and I went with a singer/musician friend to Neumann’s Bar in North Saint Paul, Minnesota, to hear a band called, The Zebra Mussels. They were highly recommended by my friend. I listened to music from outside, and when I entered the place was packed. I had arrived before my friend but found other people I knew in the neighborhood.


I was amazed by the beautiful music and how upbeat the band was. The keyboard player was on the floor with his back to the audience. The stage is small so not everything could fit on the stage. The keyboard player danced as he played music. Mix and mingle with the people on the dance floor. This is the first time I have seen this. John plays the double keyboards and high energy that raises the vibrations of the band and audience. John was on time and a very accomplished keyboard player.


Next is Drummer Jim. Another member of the band that was right on time and full of energy. I could tell the group was well diverse, and the drummer kept the band on the beat. The drummer also does solo singing and blending singing very well.

Bass guitar player and solo bass part was right on the beat and sang with great pride and gifted voice. Chris, as his friends called him to keep the groove of all the music in this very accomplished band.

Dale is the lead guitar and also did solo guitar and singing. Dale did very highly blending with his guitar with all the songs Dale played. A perfect lead guitar and combined well with the music. A great solo singer as well.


Overall I have to say, why haven’t I heard this band before? An excellent and well-accomplished band that I can tell does rehearse together. You can’t find them online, because they only get gigs in two places. One is Neumann’s Bar. TheZebra Mussels band plays a variety of music. Rock and Roll, old RR, 60 -70s music, and other baby boomer age songs.

I give the group five stars all over the music. Five stars for blended music. Five stars for all solo singers. I wish them well, and if they want to, I can see them traveling all over the world. They are that good. Well-seasoned professional band.

Neumann’s Bar homepage

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