Swing Beat

swing beat1

Swing Beat

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a warm Thursday evening at the Wabasha Caves in Saint Paul, Minnesota that met a few members of the Swing Beat Big Band. I was happy and delighted that the band was so diverse and well put together.

A very easy band to dance to and it didn’t take long for people to fill the floors. Big band music, Jazz and smooth music filled the caves. The Swing Beat Big Band was filled with hours, saxophones, flutes, trombones. There were one drummer and one bass player. A companying the band was also a keyboard player. There was a woman by the name of Dawn who sang a few songs to perfection.


The musicians were all shaking each other’s hand and smiled with jokes and everyone could tell each and everyone was friends and supported each other in their love of music. The Swing Beat Big Band does not have a webpage or a Facebook account but plays at the Wabasha Street Caves about once a month.

I have the link for the Wabasha Street Cave so you can experience the great music of the Swing Beat Big Band.

Five stars for beat and tempo. Five stars for well-blended music. Five stars for the presentation of music.


The Saint Paul Wabasha Street Caves Facebook page


Saint Paul Wabasha Street Caves homepage


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